Daily Update (…I think that’s a thing…)

Hello, hello, my Soft Petals!

Insert long, drawn-out, overly dramatic sigh here.

It has been a looooong day. But, no matter what I did or where I went, I brought our book along! It helped me to carve out a little “Real Me” time today.  And I managed to work through almost a third of the book, as well! Now, it is late, and I am snuggled up in my bed. Comfy, nestled in the orgy of pillows that litter my duvet, I am ready to share. Share my experiences with the book, share my progress from the book, and share my thoughts on the book itself. So, here we go, my little flower buds. Where do I start?

WOW: A Handbook For Living. That is the book we are reading. If you have kept up then you will recall that I originally found the book to be exciting, provocative, and even profound. And I still feel that way, if the reader is able to make personal sense of the book and/or to find the wisdom tucked away in the folds of this book. It is a very different style of self help book than I am used to reading. It is not a book that has a definite answer for you. It doesn’t say blah blah blah This is how you find yourself or fix yourself blah blah now here is another 200+ pages explaining how and why! No. It pushes You to find You, to fix You. In fact, it says right on the back of the book: “This book will not change your life. You will change your life.” I had already read that statement before delving into the pages, but didn’t quite get it, until I began completing exercises and answering questions the book presented me. It was like OH! I get this now!

I usually prefer more traditional type self help books. Simple, focused, thorough, wordy. You know the type. Even the less wordy, more compact, books in this category, such as “Who Moved My Cheese?” and my personal favorite “How To Raise Your Self Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden. This is what I prefer. But, in the spirit of CHANGE, I chose to give WOW a try. And so far, I am glad.

Instead of chapters, the book is broken up into 31 exercises. It begins with, what I can only describe as, a set of instructions? I’m posing that as a question because I don’t know…is that even the right word to use there? I feel like the whole idea of the book is NOT to instruct, but rather to deconstruct…self misconceptions, rules or ideas imposed by society or self, barriers to happiness, etc. So, may I call them Anti-Instructions here? Anyway, I honestly feel like the book would be the exact same if these were removed. The only thing that even seemed important to me was Anti #3 which basically states that when things don’t go the way you want them to, don’t ask why…ask HOW you can make them go the way you want instead! This was SO important to me that it inspired me to make a SIGN for my bedroom! (I have yet to accomplish this my baby’s breath, but I pinky swear I will soon, AND display it here for you all to share with me!) Even this Anti, though, could have been eliminated without affecting the book at all, because Exercise #7 is EXACTLY this. Literally, Exercise #7 challenges you to ask yourself how instead of why, with more detail. It just seems redundant to me. Was this an oversight? Or is it just so important to the authors that they made a point to repeat themselves? It has me wondering.

Moving on. Right after the Anti’s, there is about a paragraph of text, just meant as an intro. Read it. I mean, seriously, read it. “If you approach a world that you can’t see without holding on to your anxiety, then you’ll find things becoming clearer, just like a sunny day.” For me, in my journey of Becoming, this sentence is so deep and meaningful. The other sentences are also important and should def be read before the rest of the book, so please do, my rose buds.

*YAWN* My meds have me dizzy and weightless now. It is time to close my laptop for the night, Precious Petals! Let me leave you with this wonderful image, though. Right after you read the “intro” and turn the page, there are images of flowers on the pages! Wish flowers and shadows of what appear to be, maybe, Dandilions???

G’night my Daisy Cakes! Mwah!!!



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