Daily Update

Good evening, my Daffodil Darlings!

I don’t know if it’s this extreme heat or what, but my oh my have I been getting extra tired extra early these past few days! It’s barely 9 pm and I’m already snuggled in my plush pink robe atop my obscenely pillowed bed, ready to enter DreamLand. Pibb Xtra and meds, down the hatch. White chocolate truffle chaser. Check. Now for the updates…

Let me start with the very simple update regarding Pinterest and feet. If you have been following along, you will recall that I guaranteed TWO reviews on Saturday: a review of a self-help book and how or if it even helped me in my journey towards Becoming my best self, and a review of various DIY foot enhancing ideas on Pinterest. So, for the foot update, here you go: nothing. Simple, right? Oh, my sweet, sweet Petals, Of Course I will review some for you before Saturday…but it’s not Saturday yet now is it? Right. And I am so busy with this book of ours. So, moving right along…

The book. WOW: A Handbook For Living by Zen Ohashi and Zono Kurazono. So, last night I dissected the style and the intro. Then, I totally passed the F out. Sorry, sorry, my baby’s breath. Tonight, I would like to talk a bit about the actual exercises in the book and how they have affected me, as well.

So, as I explained last night (quit making me backtrack, just read my last update already…you know you want to Peek, my Naughty Nightshade! wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and all that…) the book is broken up into Exercises rather than Chapters. There are 31 all together. The first exercise asked me to write down the things that are “working for” me, currently, in my life. Confusing. What does that mean? Working for me? Shrug. My list was very short and said things like “being VERY blonde” and “stepping into a solid place of self awareness”. I was also encouraged to ask Others what is working for them. Others were equally confused and random in their answers. I am positive that this little exercise did nothing to help me Help ME. You know? Then…I turned the page. Ugh. I read the words “what’s working and going well for them…” and I suddenly understood what the exercise really was. So, lesson learned, and I will be nice, my tiny Petals, and pass it along: Read the ENTIRE exercise before attempting. Not just the first page, which seems to be very direct every time. No. Read all the words that lead up to the next Exercise. Only then, it seems, is the true nature of the exercise revealed to you. I don’t know if this is intentional….perhaps the authors MEANT to slow the reader down, to teach the cosmic lesson to “stop and smell the Dandilions” (isn’t that how that one goes? moving on…). Or, is something being lost in translation? Honestly, my Sweet Sunflowers, it would be Darling if you chose to pick up the book yourself and let me know what YOU think the issue is here. Anyway, it turns out that Exercise One was kind of about choosing to be positive in the face of negativity. As an avid fan of The Secret and The Law of Attraction, I was charmed to see the book start on such a….well….POSITIVE note! Insert smiley thing here. And it ended up reminding me of this silly game my son and I play on the Staircase. Okay, so everytime my six year old and I end up on the staircase together, we will join hands and either descend or ascend, in sync. Here’s the important part: for each step we take, we must pause and say out loud something we love! It typically goes something like: Me: “I loooooveee…the color Pink!” Him: “I loooove…YOU!” STEP Me: “I love you too!” Him: “I love Legos…” STEP Me: “Hmm…Glitter!” Him: “Waffles!” STEP….and so on, and so on. By the time we are at the end of the stairs, we are both grinning ear to ear and go off on our separate ways again in high spirits, sharing our positive aura with everyone around us! It really works for us! Sometimes, my thirteen year old, who suffers from Autism and can be quite hard to raise out of a funk, will join us with results cenitmeters away from being a Miracle! I HIGHLY recommend that you try the staircase game. Or make up something similar of your own and implement it in your household….OFTEN! Positivity! YASS!

Well, as my meds swirl and twirl me into the land of LaLa, I suppose I must say farewell for tonight, my luvs. I’m sorry we have not gotten deep into the book yet. But, we shall. Until tomorrow, stay beautiful, well-read, and True To You! Mwah! Love, Princess Dandilion


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