Playing Catch-up (aka Yesterday’s Update)

Let me start by saying I am so sorry, my pretty petals! I passed out yesterday right after dinner! Oh my! I woke up at 2:30 am with my laptop still glowing at me patiently in my lap. I had climbed into bed, all snuggly wuggly, turned on an old episode of Intervention, then prepped my laptop to give you all an Update. Sigh. Didn’t happen. Sidenote: I really MUST find out what is causing me to be so gosh golly gee darn tired!!!!

Alright, so let me fill you in on what I was going to tell you yesterday. AND I will also give you a second update later this evening for, you know, whatever I get into today. Oh, and real quick, let me remind you : stay tuned TOMORROW is the day I give the full review on the book we are reading and the scoop on the foot improvement tools we found on Pinterest this week. I will also be choosing one or two new tasks for improvement for the upcoming week and revealing those TOMORROW, as well. Alright, let’s get this belated update poppin….

So, I tried a few foot improvement items off of Pinterest yesterday. Two words: THEY SUCKED! And YES, I absolutely commented on them to let others know how BOGUS the tips were. You know how they ask “Have you tried this pin?”. Ugh. I was honestly disappointed because they seemed FUN. You know, oh hey, it’s the weekend…time to soak the puppies in some Listerine! Idk. I guess it’s like the old saying…if it sounds too good to be true…. Ok, I will give more details on Saturday, my luvs, so just hang tight…

If you have been keeping up, you know we are reading WOW: A Handbook for Living. I will be finishing the book today. As I have explained, he book is divided into 31 Exercises rather than chapters. I have completed most, at this point. I have also made a sign to hang on my wall, inspired by the book. It has been suggested, in more spot in the book than just one, that a person seeking improvement should not ask themselves WHY (why didn’t this go my way?), but rather ask HOW (as in how can I make it better? what do I need to do to make this go my way? et cetera). Well, I thought about how to word that to fit my personality, and here is what I came up with: Don’t Ask WHY (you didn’t win today), Ask HOW (you can go on to SLAY!). So, what do you all think of that, my baby’s breath? I’d love some feedback on my mantra. I’ve also uploaded a pic of my handmade sign. I will admit outright: It is absolutely just a coloring page from one of those adult therapy coloring books that had a frame, and I hand wrote my little mantra in the middle. Nothing flashy. BUT, if it really ends up resonating with me and moving me to change, then I will fully consider a much more FABULOUS DIY project to display it in all it’s glory!!! P.S. Should I color the rest of the sign in or leave it black and white?20170728_125805.jpg


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