Evening Update

Goodness, goodness. Oh, my dear Daffodils! Another night I am just consumed with exhaustion! Please forgive me if this is but a quickie of an update. Thank you, luvs!

So, I finished our book. Have a lovely review to post for you on that tomorrow. It might take all day to type it up though, because each exercise led to either self discovery or questions! In addition I shall chose a New book to read next week, and more…… So, stay on the edge of your seats, my Petals! Tomorrow is excitement day!

Goodnight for now, before I fall asleep mid sentence! I swear a vampire must be visiting me each and every night for me to be this low energy! I mean, not really, of course…..but my wouldn’t that be sexy?! Naughty! Naughty! And see you are egging me on, my Baby’s Breath! Lol! Well now behave and go to bed too! Beauty sleep is the MOST important tool in a beauty arsenal, besides pure water and moisturization every night, of course!

Mwah! Tomorrow then, sweet sweet Petals! Love, Princess Dandilion


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