Friday Eve (Update)

Hello, hello again, my Precious Petals! I am truly sorry that I have been MIA for a whole week. I had every intention of posting our exciting weekend review on last Saturday…but…ah, life. Isn’t it ironic how we try to pursue life, only for life to get in the way?! Now, my Curious Crysanthemums, and Nosy Nightshades…the question on your lips…will I tell you exactly what happened that caused me to abandon my most beloved task of Becoming myself and taking you along on the journey???? Will I? No, my dearest flowers, no. It simply is not to be shared here. I am sorry. But, take heart, my luvs…I am back, and as they say, better than ever. For what else could I possibly be but Better? We are Becoming….growing, elevating, ascending. Yes? So, smile. Let us hold hands, and march forward. Come on, come on….come with me now, my Petals!!!

So…where were we? Ah, yes. I had Pinterest Pedi Tips to debunk. And one heck of a book to review for you. This particular evening, I have already spent all of my energy. So, how does tomorrow sound, hm? I would like that very much! See you here tomorrow. G’night and have such sweet dreams, my Petals! Mwah!


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