Saturday Review, Part Two: Wow, a book review!

Alright, my Lovely Lavender Luvs…here it is….finally. The book review I promised.

So, two weeks ago I began reading Wow: A Handbook For Living by Zen Ohashi and Zono Kurazono. The hope was that reading the book would propel me into a state of inspiration. You know, give me the fire I needed to begin making some real change in my life. Change towards Becoming my True and Best self. Did it work? Well, the sheer AMOUNT of inspiration and motivation in this book is quite overwhelming, to be honest. I guess I would have to say yes, I did make progress. But to explain that progress, and the book, I think it would be best if I just explain it in a linear fashion. So, I will start at the beginning…

Now, I have posted a few blog entries that touched on my progress with the book. For those of you who have read those entries, some of this might seem redundant. However, for those of you who have not read those entries, I may just refer you to my previous blogs for a more in-depth explanation. So, here we go…

The book is separated into 31 Exercises, rather than chapters. The book begins with a set of, what I have dubbed, “Anti-Instructions”….sort of guidelines to help you use the book to its fullest. I had a bit of an issue with this, as I explain in an earlier post. If you are interested in following my thought process concerning the Anti-Instructions, then please, my Precious Petals, take a quick moment to CLICK HERE and kind of catch up. Within these Anti-Rules, or guidelines, lay a bit of wisdom that I have taken away from the book, forever. It was something so profound, so compelling, that I actually ended up making a Sign to hang and remind myself of this wisdom, Everyday! Again, to avoid an unnecessary and lengthy recap, it would be tremendously helpful if you have already visited the link to the earlier post I provided above. If you have not yet done yourself this favor, here’s another chance, My Peach Blossoms: CLICK HERE!  And if you would love to actually SEE the sign I ended up creating and the Mantra I created using the wisdom found in the book, the CLICK HERE….it’s a different post that offers a picture of the sign and a breakdown of my new mantra. Beyond the Anti-Instructions is an Intro…about a paragraph, well worth the read (again, all covered in the posts linked above).

After that you turn the page, AND…there are pictures of DANDILIONS! Hello?! How much more of a cosmic sign does one need, my Darling Dahlias??? I was enchanted and very determined to put my all, my True and Real and Best all, into this book.

The first exercise started out a bit wonky for me, though. But I quickly realized that that had more to do with my over-eagerness than anything else. I had read the first page of the exercise…the Chapter Title page, if you will….the page where the Exercise is “named” more or less…and just ran with it. As it turns out, in this book, what you see is not always what you get. So, Exercise One, titled “What’s Working For You?”, tripped me up a bit. After I read on, I realized it was actually asking me what was going good in my life, to get me to find positive things in the face of negative feelings or circumstances. Very “Law of Attraction”, in my opinion. It also reminded me of a sweet game my six year old son and I play together to brighten our spirits. I have actually already covered all this in a previous post. So, if you would like more info on Exercise One, or you would like to hear about our Positivity Game, then you know what to do, My Heavenly Hibiscus: CLICK HERE! Oh, smile, smile, luvs…it should be the last time I refer you to another post in this review. Exercise One is the last thing I covered in previous posts before, well, before I went MIA for a week due to private circumstances. (Again, I apologize my Petals. I missed you dearly. And I shan’t leave you for so long ever again!)

….this post still being edited….






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