Tuesday Randomness…(Diary Entry)

Hiya, my Precious Petals!!!

Just wanted to share something incredible I just ran across. Ok, backstory: I collect magazines. Like, I am a magazine hoarder, ok? And since the late 90’s I rip up magazines for inspiration. Sometimes, I make a mood board. But more often, I like to make mood notebooks. As in, a full notebook, pages covered in torn up magazine pieces and handwritten notes explaining the appeal, ftont and back. It’s like my secret happy thing. Well, not so secret, I guess. Because when you enter my bedroom there are mountains of magazines surrounding my bed. And my house usually has magazine rip-outs randomly placed about. For example, the bathroom door displays a full page magazine ad about brushing your teeth. The boy in the ad looks EXACTLY like my eight year old son. Doppleganger shit. And the ad is simple in it’s message: “2 mins/2x day”. It inspires both me and my boys to pay more attention to hygiene. So, the ad taped there is helpful, right? I also have ads for food and drinks I have torn out hanging on my fridge until I decide to buy them and try them out. And, as I mentioned before, I have a Mark Twain quote taped to my entertainment stand to remind me to get off my butt and DO SOMETHING, because, as the man says: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. So true.

Anyway, enough backstory there I suppose. Now, on to the point…. I found a magazine dated March of this year. And I came across the horoscope section. I am a Pisces. Through and through. I’ve even done my extended house chart before and discovered that even my houses, full of other signs and planets, STILL support and exaggerate a lot of my Pisces traits!!! Moving on, again, I was curious to see this particular horoscope because it was a weird and important month for me. I would love to elaborate, but some things must remain secret. Very few, but some. Anyway, not only was the horoscope spot on…predicting EXACTLY what happened, just as it happened….it also offered an insight into the rest of the year. This is where I stopped and just ripped the whole page out and I’m about to tape it to the bare wall. Just tape it there. I NEED to see this everyday and CLAIM IT! AMEN! Ok, so the “Your Year” section says: “You’ll remember 2017 as the year everything changed…” YASS!!!!! First of all, ok, it already has been that kind of a year. But, there is also this thing I am immersing myself in: Becoming. Becoming the real and truest and best me possible! CHANGE. And here this silly horoscope claims it for me! This will be the year everything changed!!!! Do you feel it, my Darling Daffodils? Do you feel it?! YASSS!

In addition, the horoscope went on to claim that I would find my True purpose in life this year and should surround myself with like-minded people. That is YOU, my Precious Petals! YASS! Finally the horoscope surprised me in predicting correctly changes in April (losing a relationship), that made way for a fresh start in May (getting into a life altering car accident that pushed me closer to my Partner emotionally, but also shook me awake, and made me decide to Become my True Self). It even predicted that I would take a Vacay in July, which I really did! Crazy! Now, it goes on to suggest that September and November will be my steamiest months. Yummy. Please, my petals, cross your fingers for me. Steamy sounds so refreshing from BLAH! Insert winky thing here. lol. It ends by saying “You need: to not hold back!”. Wow! Just wow to that. Right?

Alright, back to noshing on fried rice covered in Ponzu and forever sipping on the straw in my Pibb Xtra. Thanks for listening Lilac Luvs! Mwah! Mwah!

Love, Princess Dandilion


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