Oh, My Precious Petals!!…I have just discovered my NEW OBSESSION: Ipsy.

Do you know what Ipsy is??? OMG! If you do know already, I commend you for being ahead of the game. And if you have a subscription, you are a shining example to the rest of my Pretty, Pretty Petals! If you do NOT know what Ipsy is, or if you have not subscribed…read on….

Ok, so…I get extra points to spend towards beauty products IF someone clicks my link and subscribes. So Imma keep it one hundred, luvs….I want those points. I’m about to break it down to you what Ipsy is and why (and how) you should subscribe. But first (let me take a selfie….no I’m kidding), first let me offer you a chance to just try the link, check it all out for yourself. Go to: https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link

Ok, if you chose not to click my link, let me paint a picture for you….(insert a beautiful seque here…lol)….

Ipsy. It’s a subscription service to where, once a person is subscribed, they receive a monthly “glam bag”. You LITERALLY get a BAG each month (in addition to makeup, yes, hang on…lol)! There are other services that are similar, like, for example, Birchbox. And at first, I was ALL about Birchbox. Makeup samples that come in a cute, reusable box. A box, man. Yes, at first I pictured myself keeping earrings organized in the fabulous boxes…but then….a friend of mine showed me her LITERAL glam bag from Ipsy. It was adorable….a silky makeup bag with a silly piggy on the front, and his little curly-tailed pink bum-bum on the back! I’m like “Girl! You get to keep the bag TOO?” She says “Yes, the makeup comes IN the bag each month.” I’m like “Wait…you get a NEW BAG each and every month??!!” “YES!”.  This past month she got a purple and gold silky bag that says Wild on it!!! YASS! In fact, if you want to see the past glam bags that people have received, you can always go to the site, using my link! *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Go To: https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link

Now for the makeup talk. Each month, they send you exactly FIVE makeup products. They call them “samples’, but I would say that MOST of them are more like “Trial” size. Ok? Like big. Bigger. Bigger than just some sample. Trial size is a lot more accurate. Heck, some of the stuff my girl showed me looked dang near FULL SIZE! I promise! Like, a full size eyebrow pencil or a full size highlighter kit! The other really cool thing is that you don’t just get some generic bag full of the same stuff every other subscriber is getting this month…no! The bags are seriously personalized, ok? Like, when you first sign up, they have you take this intense beauty quiz….asking you what you look like so they can match foundations and other colors to compliment your personal beauty, they ask how good you are with makeup so like they don’t send a clumsy person some tricky new pair of fake eyelashes and glue, you know? lol…they ask what brands you like, and I will be honest here, I clicked EVERY category except ELF! Now, don’t get me wrong, ELF is cool and all, but it’s cheap AF, ok? You feel me? I’m tryna get the GOOD stuff here! lol….they ask you what kind of beauty and skin care products you like, such as lipstick, eyebrows, primer, lotion, etc., And you already know, I clicked everything. Well, except self-tanner. I’m not a fan…..And they ask you what colors you like for lipstick and eyeshadow, etc., such as “nudes” or “adventurous” (blue and black lipstick, etc.)…..Finally, they ask you what some of your specific beauty concerns are, such as frizzy hair or acne.

After that, you fill out your info. Then, you have the chance to subscribe. And why wouldn’t you huh? It’s only TEN DOLLARS a month. Yes, ten dollars…for ALL THAT!!!!! In fact, why not just subscribe by going to https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref&sid=link: , to help me earn a few points towards cool beauty freebies? It would be so nice, my luvs!

Now…this is important….Ipsy is very sought after, and there is actually a WAITLIST. You are put on the waitlist once you subscribe. As soon as a spot opens up, they bill you per your agreement and info, and you start receiving your glam bags. I don’t know how long the waitlist is, because I BYPASSED it. Yes, they offer you the chance to bypass the waitlist if you will simply media bomb the bleep out of their site! They ask you to message a few peeps…post on FB…post here and there….all that type stuff. Once they confirm that you have done these things….BOOM, off the waitlist, and immediately getting the goods!

Aside from all that, Ipsy actually has a pretty cool site and a neat community full of beauty freaks like US, my Pretty Petals!!! In fact, to further increase the odds of getting makeup goodies you like in your bag each month, go on the site and REVIEW each sample you get! They do read those. There’s a whole thing on it if you go to their FAQ’s link. Basically, it helps them tweak your preferences so that you get the best goodies FOR YOU! And who doesn’t love to leave a review, huh? I mean, I know I am for sure going to be reviewing EVERYTHING!!! lol

Alright, so THAT, my Lovely Lavender Buds, is my new obsession! I hope you join me. I am so happy about this. I want you to be happy to!


Alrighty, bye for now my petals. Mwah!

Love, Princess Dandilion




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